one night one kiss | the russian futurists

breakfast: spinach omelette with feta. coffee. 

lunch: dunno yet, something mashed? 

ensemble: sheep pajama bottoms and a gray henley. 

dream: steph and raquel wanted me to do their hair in the car while we were driving to the dinner. i was coordinating three weddings (amanda, this is what happens when you talk of weddings right before i’m about to go to bed) that were all taking place in the same plaza. i was mainly concerned about the caterers (i would) and i was standing at the bbq station and putting bratwursts and hot dogs in buns (well, we DID go buy buns yesterday). i couldn’t find my canvas duffle. i love that duffle! i was at christian’s place with ginnie and ahna. ginnie made some kind of braised shortrib situation in a tomato-based sauce. ahna was making a carrot casserole. i think i had to make stuffing but wanted to make it at home. there was pie dough and emma was dressed in purple. foodie dreams, awyeah. i was doing laps in a pool.