come alive (feat. toro y moi) | chromeo

breakfast: seared broccoli with sea salt and spicy sesame oil with two sunny side up eggs. whole wheat toast with butter and strawberry jam. green tea. 

lunch: i’m either going to kill off yesterday’s farfalle or eat spicy lao bamboo soup. yeah, probably that one. 

ensemble: currently a robe but i have to get ready to go to chef’s bbq. 

dream: there were vampires. it was very lost boys. 

razor | astr

breakfast: green tea. irish oatmeal with veg hash and a sunny side up egg. that was good. 

lunch: farfalle bolognese and a spinach salad. also good. i cleaned for about ten - thirteen hours yesterday, to the point where i organized my business card collection by subject (restaurant, industry people, artists, locals, etc). feels good to get shit done.

ensemble: oh i think i just dressed like a bum all day. tank top and shorts. 

dream: i snuck into someone’s house and ate their pastry. i was worried about fingerprints. 

call me up | st. lucia 

breakfast: coffee at the fair. jalapeño scrambled eggs. 

lunch: i think i had some soup. 

ensemble: blue polka dot dress, red cardigan, nerd frames, brown belt, brown/gold sandals. that was the day i went to eve and knew four parties in the tasting room. gad, i love our regulars. 

dream: hmm, i don’t remember! 

sweet nothings | brenda lee

breakfast: bit of scrambled egg. 

lunch: coffee. that cheese that looks like toast. 

ensemble: beetlejuice sandals, black lace anthro maxi dress, the john belt, nerd frames. 

dream: restaurant eve’s attic was haunted, it was very horror movie. jason l was there. 

hooked on a feeling | blue swede

breakfast: i didn’t eat breakfast. 

lunch: i was running around, i think i ate something. bit of this, bit of that. 

ensemble: brown and gold sandals, green anthro dress, pineapple cardigan, brown leather belt, nerd frames. 

dream: i think i was traveling again. 

magic | coldplay

breakfast: water in my new nalgene. my old one finally broke. such a sad moment for all. ok, such a sad moment for me. 

lunch: corn velouté. tanpopo ramen with j. it was pouring for most of the day, ramen/soup was definitely required. 

ensemble: beetlejuice sandals, charcoal jeans, black slouchy tank, oatmeal henley, nerd frames. it’s only tuesday? god i hope my sanity survives the rest of the week. 

dream: i was in new york. 

no rest for the wicked | lykke li

breakfast: i was late but had some coffee once i got to the fair. 

lunch: and then was busy. family meal at 4:30 was probably the best thing ever. 

ensemble: cream scalloped cardigan, red ruffled dress, gold heart necklace, baby blue pointy shoes with the ankle strap. 

dream: i don’t remember. i need to fall back into the habit of jotting them down once i wake. 

smooth operator | sade

breakfast: ace breakfast in charlottesville with s: ol’ dirty biscuit (fried chicken, pimento cheese, fried green tomato, sausage gravy), best flapjacks ever, watermelon punch, grits, and coffee. damn. it was money. great spot, need to hit it up whenever we go back. 

lunch: a couple of record shops, kettle chips + onion dip, buttered corn, mexican coffee gelato affogato, TWO SODAS, and a couple of naps. 

ensemble: tuquoise crisscross sandals, red anthro ruffly dress, cream shrug, nerd frames. 

dream: i no longer remember. 

no home | nico vega

breakfast: egg, grits, corned beef hash. orange juice, couple sips of coffee. 

lunch: coconut water until we finished looking at houses. more on that later. beef fajitas and a margarita with bates and justin at uncle julio’s. today i learned that uncle julio’s isn’t that great. i mean, it was fine, just small selection. sat by the fairfax corner “water park” and listened to that damn train dance song for about two hours. 

ensemble: brown/gold sandals, green anthro dress, nerd frames. 

dream: i don’t remember. 

breathe (in the air) | pink floyd

breakfast: poached egg. 

lunch: i don’t know if i ate lunch. i was oh so busy and very done with the work week. 

ensemble: black anthro ruffly dress, cream scalloped cardigan, black drop necklace, nerd frames. 

dream: i dreamt of my last three romantic interests. i think because one of them resurfaced recently. oh i was cooking with one of them in the middle of the winter. makes sense, he cooks for a living. ironically the current one didn’t really make an appearance. how is this my life. 

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