audio - none

breakfast: avocado shake (avocado, milk, honey, ice) and a fried egg

lunch: i haven’t had any yet. maybe that’s why my head hurts. lots of water though. 

ensemble: sea foam kicks, watercoloresque dress, nerd frames, navy cardigan. 

dream: i totally remembered this morning. 

Note to via vina followers: Due to recent Tumblr emails speaking of copyright infringement and notices of via vina shutdown, I have removed all via vina posts. It was a good run. November 2009 - August 2014, not many people can say that they can read about a dream they had three years ago, or what they had for breakfast on April 6 of last year. Thanks to everyone for following! It meant a lot. Keep the music alive and shoot me a message to say hi sometime. 

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<3, vina S.