fallinlove2nite (feat. zooey deschanel) | prince

breakfast: i woke up early, showered, and then emailed 20,000 people from bed. it was awesome. who needs breakfast when things like that happen? Ok, i need breakfast, but i was busy emailing so…:|

lunch: we ordered chinese food. yay!

ensemble: white flats, black tights, black swan dress, black cardigan, nerd frames. 

dream: my team was on the move. this is what happens when you watch the following before bed. 

the hand is quicker | aloe blacc

breakfast: coffee. fried egg and turkey on ciabattini. 

lunch: some golden beets. bite of tuna sandwich. i didn’t venture into the market because i was upset at curd nerd for selling my easter decorations. spent two months brushing off the old town hoi polloi trying to acquire my easter bunny. ten minutes covering the barista and the curd nerd sells it. that mofo. 

ensemble: black combat boots, cosmic dress, black cardigan, nerd frames. 

dream: yathrib was working on a project. i think i was as well, but not the same project. 

here i am (come and take me) | al green

breakfast: coffee. 

lunch: currant scone with butter and raspberry jam. 

ensemble: brown flats, red ribbed dress, navy cardigan, nerd frames. 

dream: i was making someone’s bed. i was climbing through the rafters. i think i was batman. i had to battle the vampires. there was something wrong with my utility belt. get it together, batman. 

changing of the seasons | two door cinema club

breakfast: two poached eggs, corned beef hash, buttermilk pancakes, and grapefruit juice. 

lunch: i fell asleep on steph’s floor while she played nat king cole records. 

ensemble: black eyelet lace dress. 

dream: slight anxiety dream about not packing for jamaica. 

**note from v: I took a mini vacation from via vina. I needed to take care of some life things (work madness, new tires, passport, sleep) and via fell to the wayside. I thought of it every day, believe me. “Oh, today I’ll write about this. Today I ate Korean BBQ, don’t forget to post it.” Sleep won out most of the time. Feel free to check the others to see what transpired during the lull. Spring happened. I’m excited about this. Long story short: hello again. 

we come running | youngblood hawke

breakfast: i made buttermilk pancakes with vanilla whipped cream and noble maple syrup. of course, i didn’t make breakfast until almost noon because social media for six restaurants on a snow day is no joke. are  you open? oh, now we have to say we’re open until this time? oh, on instagram, twitter, press, and facebook? ok. bring it. 

lunch: i made a potato, corn, and bacon chowder. had two bowls while i hemmed and hawed over whether or not i should go see mayer hawthorne at 9:30 club. mayer, i love you, but poor boris does not handle ice well. 

ensemble: black tee and pajama bottoms. all day, baby. 

dream: i think i dreamt i was at work. 

maybe lately | miracle fortress

breakfast: i didn’t have any breakfast. 

lunch: bacon cheeseburger and beef fat/rosemary fries at red apron with steph! fever tree ginger beer. i love fever tree! hope i don’t have to go to mosaic whenever i want some, their tonic water is the bee’s knees. 

ensemble: cowboy boots, black leggings, the blue flowered dress, tomato soup cardigan, nerd frames, ring necklace. 

dream: i remembered this morning. i don’t remember now. 

waiting on a sunny day | bruce springsteen

breakfast: woke up, brushed my teeth, and then fell asleep again for another hour. that was damn nice. 

lunch: vegetarian muffaletta that chef larry made for a special order. 

ensemble: white flats, black leggings, cream dress, tomato soup cardigan, the gray winter sweater, ring necklace, and nerd frames. hung out with bawse, my new bff, at miemo’s mardi gras birthday shindig. 

dream: baw cheu. hahah, that’s “i don’t remember” in lao. 

legislate me straight | born again floozies

breakfast: wakame miso soup. bit of croissant at the fair. coffee. 

lunch: i think justin made something for me, though i do not remember what. oh wait, maybe that was the day i didn’t eat lunch. 

ensemble: cowboy boots, black lace/px dress, cream scallop cardigan, nerd frames, ring necklace. i didn’t go home until almost midnight because busy. 

dream: laid back dreams, probably because the previous night’s were so intense. 

when the lights go out | the black keys

breakfast: wakame miso soup. snow AGAIN. 

lunch: coffee. grilled cheese testing at society fair 2

ensemble: cowboy boots, black ruffly dress, ring necklace, mustard shawl cardigan, black hat. sunset in penrose.  

dream: fahn nawn kup bak ka hawk. damn. the large mansion/restaurant with the black winding staircase. leaks in the pipes. it’s interesting (annoying) when you squirrel away certain thoughts and your dreams just reject that notion so cleanly. hey, at least they were good dreams. 

pulling the rug | imelda may

breakfast: wakame miso soup. bit of scrambled eggs. 

lunch: coffee. pecan sticky bun at society fair two. 

ensemble: black combat boots, navy/white striped dress, grandpa sweater, nerd frames. restaurant eve reservoir dogs. 

dream: i think gramma was there. 

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