dead wrong | hanni el khatib

breakfast: scrambled eggs w/garlic shoots. green tea. 

lunch: curd nerd made me a salad with romaine, craisins, walnuts, diced smoked pork chops and sherry vinaigrette. 

ensemble: cowboy boots, chevron dress, navy cardigan, ring necklace, nerd frames. picked up a 70-200mm lens today and met an english bulldog that worked at a photo store. awesome on all levels. 

dream: i was running around a lake doing parkour and shit. 

rock and roll the second | j. roddy walston & the business

breakfast: strawberry & pineapple juice. i didn’t have any ginger root. the addition of fresh ginger would have been the jam. 

lunch: i don’t remember. i think larry made something for me to try. roast chicken skin in the kitchen. 

ensemble: brown flats, green anthro dress, cream shrug, nerd frames. 

dream: i was holding trey’s hand and descending the very steep steps down to the main road fish market. 

love you so | the king khan & bbq show

breakfast: i made a green pea tortilla with yogurt & mint. i don’t have any easter plans so i’ve been productive like a bitch today. it’s awesome, like buying eggs from the farmers market and doing all my laundry awesome.

lunch: coffee and apple scrapple bread. 

ensemble: blue tank top and shorts. 

dream: i had a stress dream that i was running late for my flight and had to call the airline to book a later flight. trying to prevent any last minute nonsense, hence today’s productivity. 

gotta go | oberhofer

breakfast: i didn’t get in until three and then had to wake up around seven for an eight am hair appointment (who does that?) so i had a much-needed coffee after. correction, i had horrible, ghastly, french roast from starbucks which made me mad but i needed caffeine so i suffered through it. 

lunch: record store day at hill & dale in georgetown with steph! so much fun. i bought a nina simone and my man b.b. king. had a turkey/spinach crepe at that creperie next to the canal. we stopped by the fair for rosé, bread & butter, and lemon cake. we then had hot dogs at haute dog. i passed the fuck out once i got home. 

ensemble: cowboy boots, black lace dress, red cardigan, nerd frames. 

dream: i don’t remember. i didn’t sleep enough, that’s what i remember. 

danny’s song | kenny loggins

breakfast: ciabatta and coffee

lunch: fairly sure i ate something, though i do not remember what. 

ensemble: cowboy boots, navy cocktail dress, yellow lace shrug, nerd frames. saw oculus with meekus. s’ok movie, not my favorite. 

dream: chef jeremy sent me a md care package. i was climbing the steep hill to some hotel by the beach. the music was too loud. 

easy thief | sombear

breakfast: hunk of ciabatta bread. coffee. 

lunch: our cheese lady came over with about 30 samples. the feta not feta one was my favorite. my stomach hurt a little after that. tamale corn mixture out of a pint container. chicken skin. 

ensemble: cowboy boots, brown button dress, red ruffly cardigan, nerd frames. 

dream: i was looking for a place to nap. meeks was there. there was a massive spread of pastries. i had on a very comfortable blanket. 

fallinlove2nite (feat. zooey deschanel) | prince

breakfast: i woke up early, showered, and then emailed 20,000 people from bed. it was awesome. who needs breakfast when things like that happen? Ok, i need breakfast, but i was busy emailing so…:|

lunch: we ordered chinese food. yay!

ensemble: white flats, black tights, black swan dress, black cardigan, nerd frames. 

dream: my team was on the move. this is what happens when you watch the following before bed. 

the hand is quicker | aloe blacc

breakfast: coffee. fried egg and turkey on ciabattini. 

lunch: some golden beets. bite of tuna sandwich. i didn’t venture into the market because i was upset at curd nerd for selling my easter decorations. spent two months brushing off the old town hoi polloi trying to acquire my easter bunny. ten minutes covering the barista and the curd nerd sells it. that mofo. 

ensemble: black combat boots, cosmic dress, black cardigan, nerd frames. 

dream: yathrib was working on a project. i think i was as well, but not the same project. 

here i am (come and take me) | al green

breakfast: coffee. 

lunch: currant scone with butter and raspberry jam. 

ensemble: brown flats, red ribbed dress, navy cardigan, nerd frames. 

dream: i was making someone’s bed. i was climbing through the rafters. i think i was batman. i had to battle the vampires. there was something wrong with my utility belt. get it together, batman. 

changing of the seasons | two door cinema club

breakfast: two poached eggs, corned beef hash, buttermilk pancakes, and grapefruit juice. 

lunch: i fell asleep on steph’s floor while she played nat king cole records. 

ensemble: black eyelet lace dress. 

dream: slight anxiety dream about not packing for jamaica. 

**note from v: I took a mini vacation from via vina. I needed to take care of some life things (work madness, new tires, passport, sleep) and via fell to the wayside. I thought of it every day, believe me. “Oh, today I’ll write about this. Today I ate Korean BBQ, don’t forget to post it.” Sleep won out most of the time. Feel free to check the others to see what transpired during the lull. Spring happened. I’m excited about this. Long story short: hello again. 

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